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Everyone has a role to play in helping to avoid the worst effects of global warming. We all need to change our behaviour and our approach to the way we live and the way we do business. Governments, businesses and individuals all need to make the transition to a low carbon based economy and start reducing emissions now.

It is not too late – but everyone needs to act now. There is a clear message – we need to change our behaviour and the way we live so that we reduce our carbon emissions for the long term. The overall goal is to get as close to no carbon emissions as possible, and if we all did it, we'd stop global warming.


Whilst carbon offsetting can rebalance specific emissions, it’s overall role in climate change is to delay the effects of our emissions, not reverse them.

The benefits of using carbon offsetting now to slow the rate of climate change is to provide more time for us as individuals to change our behaviour, for businesses to change the way they do business, and for governments to change legislation and develop technology to ensure emissions all over the world are reduced. It is only through reducing our emissions that we can stop climate change and the likely catastrophic effects on our planet.


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