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What is a green, Islamic lifestyle?

What environmental problems are we facing?
What is Islam´s stand on environmental issues?
How can I make a difference as a Muslim?

There is much to think about, when trying to be a green Muslim. Green Guide to Islam is providing you with tips, advice and information on how to live a green lifestyle.

Grenn Islam is not about hard work og buying expensive, ecological products - it´s about today and how we all can help making our planet a cleaner and better place to live.

Meet us at the COP15 Climate Summit in Copenhagen all through december 2009. Find out what YOU can do!
INVITATION: Networking event for Muslim environmental activists on Sunday, December 13. Click and read!



Muslim Green Guide to Reducing Climate Change

Green Guide
The British, Muslim environmental organization Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences (IFEES) has published Green Guide for Muslims.

Download Green Guide for Muslims and read all about how YOu can join the effort to reduce climate change in YOUR life.

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Islamic environmental literature:

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