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Aquiring a green, Islamic lifestyle

Green Muslim at work and at campus

Our working places are environmental culprits through massive emissions of CO2 gasses. Sometime sor working places emit more CO2 than even our cars. Our working places and campuses should become much more green! be a green advocate on the job/on campus by considering these green tips:


Telekommunication If possible, work or study from the vicinity of your home

Fresh air Walk or ride the bike to work/campus.....

Carsharing If you absolutely must drive a car, then use carsharing

Teleconference Do your meetings through the Internet......

Offsetting Have to use a plane for work or business.....let your company buy carbon offsets when sending an employee abroad.

There are many possibilities to ride the bike to/from work or campus. Join or establish a biking club with your co-eds or colleagues and reward the persistent biker a cash prize.

Reducing garbage

Lights Turn off those lights that aren´t used by anyone and exchange your old light bulbs with new energy saving bulbs.
(Offices are usually lightened up all night long for advertising purposes. Talk with the responsible person at work and suggest to save energy.)

Muslim businessElektrical appliances Turn off electrical equipment when not in use. Use energy saving power strips....

Save paper Paper from the printing machine has two usable sides! (Did you know the average office worker uses more than 10.000 pieces of paper each year?)

Turn up and down Turn down the aircondition or the heating appliance 1 degree. Not only will you save energy, but you´ll also cut 1o percent of the electricity budget.

Think before you print Help carrying out printing saving policies on the job/campus

Save the water Find out the best method to save water on the job/campus ...............

Ceramics and glass Stop using plastic or cardboard drinking vessels. Drink from reusable ceramic cups or glasses.

Audit your stationary expenses Make a habit out of auditing your monthly stationary expenses. Ask employees to collect unused stationary and put it a fixed place, rather than just buying new stuff. Collecting unused paper, scotch tape rolls, envelopes, glue sticks, Wite-Out etc helps saving the environment as well as your office budget.

Don´t throw it away Don´t trash paper clips and rubber bands out of convenience. Take a moment and remove them from the documents: then throw them into a collecting box or hand them over to the garbage collecting truck. Thus it´ll be easier to reuse the documents.

Packaging Minimize packaging when your company is shipping materials. When shopping for the company, go for equipment packed in single layers. .


Make it easy Ask your employer .........

Promote recycling Tell colleagues and co-eds about recycling .........

Local community Donate old, but usable company assesories and machinery to schools, youth clbs and organisations in need.

Buy green Buy office paper with a high recycling rate, or buy ecological products, especially for cleaning.


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