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Green Muslim at home

Most of our time is spent at home - and home is the place, where you are using most of the energy and water - and the place where you are producing most garbage

Every day people are trying hard to reduce the CO2-emissions and pollution from their homes. Read here what YOU can do from YOUR home:


Kitchen WasteReducing waste is not going to enhance just the environment, but also your money bag!

Reduce the heat: By reducing the heat of your warming aggregate just 1 degree, you are reducing heating expenses with 10 percent.

Keep your head cold: Make sure your refrigerator or freezer is using the energy at its best, by keeping them defrosted from time to time and by keeping the right temperature. Fill up your freezer with dairy goods such as milk and bread - itīll save you trips to and from the supermarked.

Fill up Donīt turn on your dish washer or washing machine unless itīs filled all up. That way youīll save water, soap and energy.

A cup of tea or coffee? Use a water heater and donīt let your water cook too long. Use instant cofee powder, not a coffee machine. If everybody saves energy that way by making tea or coffee, CO2-emissions will be reduced nationwide!

Save the water: Take a shower rather than a bath in the tub. Donīt let the water run while brushing your teeth. Talk to your housing association if a tenant; ask them to install hydrometers in your apartment. Ask a plumber how to fix the toilet flusher to save more water.

Isolate: Isolate walls and ceilings properly. Remember to close doors and windows well. Buy energy-saving window glass.

Look for the energy saving brand: When buying new domestic appliances, look for the energy saving brand such as EnergyStar. A new fridge might cost more when buying it, but on the long run youīll save money and energy and are going to cash in your money later.

Buy locally: When shopping, go for local products. Much fruit and lots of greenery have been shipped miles with CO2-emissing airplanes, before displayed in your local supermarked or at the greenery store.

Plan your meals: Donīt throw food away - and donīt get lured by the supermarked commercials to buy large quantities of food, unless you really need it. Surplus food should be kept in the freezer. Try eating together with others; shared dinners help save energy during preparation.


Donīt use plastic bags: Worldwide every year more than one million plastic bags end up in nature. Use shopping bags made of fabric, or use your plastic bags several times.

Collect water: Are you the owner of a garden or a balcony? Then collect rainwater to water your plants.

Clothing: Donīt throw away your used clothes. Give it to other people or exchange clothes with your friends. In Hollywood the latest trend among actors and stars are to gather for clothes exchange parties!

Reapir it: If a domestic appliance is broken, find out how to repair it before you waste it to buy a new one.

Donīt throw away: Hand over your used items to the local recycling station - each year we throw away tons of usable items, and it places a strain on nature and our environment.


Recycle your ressources, your energy and your space. Itīs not hard getting used to recycle the garbage, you produce yourself. Your conscience will feel much better later on.

SodavandYou can recycle many items, such as:

  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Metal cans
  • Clothing
  • Cell phones
  • Printer cartridges
  • Tires
  • Furniture

Check out the addresss of your nearest recycling stations

You can do much to recycle ressources:

  • Build your own compost bin to recycle kitchen garbare and turn it into fertile soil.
  • rather than buying cleaning rags, cut up old clothings and use them for cleaning purposes.

Small deeds

Here is some more inspiration to maintain a green, Islamic lifestyle:

  • Donīt ask for receipts when shopping, unless you really need them
  • Get your bank account statements and other public documents through the Internet
  • If youīr not in the room, turn out the light
  • Buy fruits and greenery from the greenery store - not packed in plastic from the supermarket
  • Need a new car? Why not buy a hybrid vehicle?
  • Use energy saving light bulbs
  • Use plain soap or soap powder, not fluid soap for washing body and clothings
  • When shaving, use reusable razor blades and not disposable razors
  • Enjoy drinking water from the tap; donīt buy plastic bottled water. Fresh tap water is both cheaper and as good as bottled water; and youīll save the plastic.
  • Donīt dry your clothes in a tumbler. Let them dry in fresh air on a clothes line. Theyīll smell better, too.
  • Plant a tree a year
  • If possible, never buy products that are wrapped twice
  • Drop the electric tread mill; take a hike in the outside
  • Donīt buy a new cell phone several times a year for fashionīs sake - remember to recycle the old one
  • Fashion tip fpr sisters: Buy an eco-hejab!
  • If possible, walk or take the bike. Donīt use your car unless really nescessary
  • Taking the car for shopping? Call a friend and invite him/her to join you. Share your car and save energy


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