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Why should we take better care of the environment?

A greener lifestyle can amend former abuse of nature

The increasing temperature of our planet is evidenced in many ways. The ice poles are melting and seas are warming. This has already begun to have a negative effect on wildlife as plants and animals are being forced out of their natural habitat, but as more and more ice melts, the oceans will start to overflow onto land. Low lying land which is a main source of our worlds food production and low lying cities, such as London, New Orleans, Dhakka and New York will become at risk of flooding. And with flooding comes disease.

Flood Defences The weather is getting more violent and more unpredictable. Deserts are growing, hurricanes are becoming more powerful, severe storms are more frequent, rain is heavier with more frequent flooding, wildfire is more frequent.Global warming is also increasing the risk of disease. For example, malaria is starting to spread as the mosquito which carries the disease favours the warmer conditions we are creating across the globe.

By cutting down the rain forests we are extinguishing animal- and plant-life forms - which eventually might help mankind to combattant disease. The Messenger of Allah (Allah´s peace and blessings upon him) has taught us how there is disease to be found on one wing of a fly and the cure for this disease on the second wing. Everyrhing we need is available in nature - unless we have already destroyed nature or are in the process of doing so.

The oceans are also suffering – they are absorbing increasingly higher amounts of CO2 and their PH balance is falling rapidly. This acidification of the oceans has already had a severe effect on coral reefs and it is yet unknown how other marine life will adapt, if at all to the acidity of the sea. Even if we were to stop burning fossil fuels and cutting down forests today, our planets temperature will still continue to rise. There is a time delay between when the emissions occur and when we will feel their effects – so we have yet to experience the effect of the ever increasing volume of CO2 we have released into the atmosphere over the last 30 – 40 years.

Destroying nature has resulted in exhaustion of the soil, mud slides and desertification. The Messenger of Allah (Allah´s peace and blessings upon him) has warned us against destroying nature, and he urged us to plant a tree from sprouts, even on Judgement Day, i.e. it+´s never to late to take action!

By repairing the mistakes we have done, we are able to change the bad development to something better. We should follow the example of the Prophet, who taught us to save water, plants trees and treat nature with respect. A green lifestyle is one of the methods we can use to change direction.

We can´t change the pollution, we have already carried out - but we can stop the present pollution and alter the future!




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